The One Night Band

Welcome to The One Night Band!

Who are we?

We are a 5-piece high energy, interactive, Wedding & Party band based in Sussex, but travel all across the UK and Europe to bring our music to your special day! It all started 9 years ago when we formed while studying Professional Musicianship and Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and have been performing together ever since.

We have many years of experience playing at events all over the world, from tiny clubs in the south of France to stately homes & various iconic venues in the UK. We specialise in weddings and provide a personalised service, tailoring our packages to suit any event. We also offer different options for different budgets - and extras you can add to up the oomph!

The full 5-Piece band, consists of Female Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums and Keyboards, with the whole band singing backing vocals and the occasional rap!

The one thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we REALLY love what we do. We have fun every time we get on stage. We are all wireless (except for the drummer!) and we love nothing more than to dance in the crowd, serenade your granny, solo on tables or ride on the shoulders of a wedding guest. Our other line ups include the 4-piece for a smaller budget, or music during the day such as the Jazz Trio, the Vocals and Piano duo, Solo Piano for ceremonies, and a DJ to finish the night off! We are able to provide a full day experience, starting from the Ceremony through to the Wedding Breakfast and finishing off the evening with the full blown party!

We pride ourselves on our repertoire, performing a wide variety of genres from rock, to pop, to soul and disco and of course, 80's classics! We're constantly updating our song list, and will happily learn your special requests, and first dances. We allow you to pick your own set list from our repertoire, so you can guarantee you’ll only hear the songs you like all night!


Our ethos as a band, is just to have as much fun as possible. We're always interacting with guests and we WILL get your shy cousin up dancing! Trust us. You’ll also be treated to a couple of our guitarists jokes, which mostly go down like lead balloons, but it’s all part of the package! Laura, the singer, is the first point of contact you will have when booking the band - She does the admin, website, social media, logistics… Basically everything. For her, it’s so important to have a good relationship with the couples. This is something you won’t get from a band booked trough an Agency. She is always there to answer any questions you may have! This is *hopefuly* the only wedding you will ever plan, so no one expects you to be a pro! She will guide you through the booking process, and help you to chose your sets, and advise you on timings for the day. We can be quite silly on stage, but we love performing and it shows. However, we are professionals at the end of the day - so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are fully insured up t £10,000,000, and all our equipment is PAT tested.

We also come self contained with a full PA System and lighting package, so we have it all covered!

How to get in contact?

If you’d like more information on the band, you can head to or call Laura on 07528616487 - You can also email or fill in the contact form on the website!

Be sure to check out our socials on @theonenightband for lots of behind the scenes videos and photos, including live footage from previous gigs! You can also check out our testimonials, and FAQ’s on our site! We look forward to hearing from you Thanks!

The One Night Band

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