Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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Well who'd have thunk it! Rewind a couple of months and no one would have thought we'd be where we are now. Engaged couples would never have thought that after months or years planning their big day that they would be facing re- planning the whole thing...but here, at home, is where we all are and the most important thing to remember now is being 'stuck' at home is being 'safe' at home right?!

It's been a really stressful few weeks for, well, everyone, humanity in general I think and we are all adjusting to the ever changing situation Covid 19 has presented us with. Whilst we are all still getting our heads around it all though, it's important to keep a positive mind set. We've seen the situation evolve from blind panic to pragmatism, so here's a little advise based on what we've learnt.

THINK POSITIVE - Okay, easier said than done when its your dream day BUT there are positives, trust me. Firstly, your friends and family will be sooo ready to celebrate with you, when your date does come around, they'll be really ready to party! Secondly, a year is also a whole lot of extra time to save if you can. Those shoes that you really wanted for your evening reception?.. well now you have time to save for them. Thirdly, you get to have a double celebration, a pre wedding day day! Plan something special, a nice meal, a bottle of bubbles and practice your first dance. Your moves will be on point by the time you are ready to unveil them!

COMMUNICATE - You will still have an amazing wedding day, the only thing that needs to change is the date. Our advise is, open the lines of communication with all involved in your big day. If your wedding does fall within the next 8-12 weeks, work together with your venues and suppliers to discuss your options. They are still the people you lovingly hand picked to be part of your big day and they will work with you with empathy and understanding. We are all in this together. Even if your wedding is beyond the 8- 12 week restrictions imposed by the government, keep in touch with your suppliers ( they may have already been in touch with you, which shows they are willing to work with you). It's probably too soon to make any final judgement as the situation is every changing. Keeping people in the loop will help no end.

BE FLEXIBLE - So many venues and suppliers will get booked up quite far in advance, but if you are flexible with your approach, you should be able to keep the 'A team' in place for your big day. We deal in outdoor weddings and these tend to take place over the summer months, if this is your vibe and therefore you are limited to a choice of a few months a year, our first suggestion would be opt for a mid week alternative. It may not be your first choice, but, it will give you more options, more supplier availability and ultimately more flexibility if you are having to deal with postponing your wedding day. The most important thing is you get to have the day and the suppliers you most wanted.

bell tent hire sussex surrey kent glamping festival wedding party

Above all else, the priority has to be staying safe. We will come out the other side of this stronger and more appreciative of the freedom we have. Hope and love will last longer than any virus.

Take care xx

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