Paper Bear Lane

Oh hello!

It’s so lovely to be talking to you (albeit through the medium of words on a screen, but that’s more social interaction than normal for me in these times so I’ll take it!) Let’s catch up!

My name is Lauren (a.k.a. Pernickety Pitstop) and I’m the creative wotsit behind Paper Bear Lane; a small studio and creative service for the joyful, silly and sentimental types (my favourite).

Picture this if you will; a heartfelt blend of Jessica Day pep, Roald Dahl nostalgia and Frankie Bergstein suggestions with a peppering of Taskmaster silliness on the side (but like skin on fries, this can sometimes take centre stage!) all squeezed into a teeny tiny studio full of books arranged by colour - that’s Paper Bear Lane.

When I’ve got my wedding hat on (which is most of the time), Paper Bear Lane is your goto-gal for wedding stationery, embroidered gifts & keepsakes and anything that needs a sprinkling of ‘just because’ fun. Think: pretend illustrated stamps to fill the bare envelope corners of those near and dear guests that live close by. Hand-stitched poetry on a vintage handkerchief for the Mother of the Bride or invites that have to be assembled into an origami frog to be deciphered. (Did that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up too? No, just me? Ok.)

Outside of the wedding world, I’m working my little socks off on an exciting little sideways (ad)venture for Paper Bear Lane. I want to be celebrating marvellous human beings always, and not just on their wedding day so my aim is to open an online shop. It will allow me to offer shoppable, ready-made invites, stationery and gifts as well as a compact collection of handmade products that are the silliest and most joyful yet. I’m super excited.

Over to you. How are you doing? Planning a wedding at this time - whether you’re having to re-group after postponing or feeling guilty about being excited for the big day - is less than ideal. We’re planning our own wedding at the moment so I can completely empathise. Beautiful things come from people having to be inventive though and if I know anything about this industry, it’s that the people are the absolute bees knees at being creative and will do their upmost to make anything happen.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Elise and Rachel from Beneath the Canopy for organising this Virtual Supplier Showcase - I’m over-the-moon to be involved. I think it’s a beautiful opportunity for some human connection which is surely the only antidote we have at the moment (and always!). I hope you have a blast soaking up this showcase (and meet lots of perfect suppliers for your day - it’s jam packed full of them!)

I would be delighted to hear from you so please reach out if you have any questions (or want to bond over your love for Grace and Frankie! I’m always available for that conversation.

Take care of yourselves.

Lots of love,


Reach out via email: or come say hi on Instagram: @PaperBearLane


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