Updated: Apr 9, 2020

If your fiance has just popped the question, presuming you've said yes, then the freight train of wedding planning is about to hit you! Planning your big day maybe something that doesn't phase you as a couple, but guarenteed some of your family and friends may not have the same approach. Before you have even thought about the details, someone will ask you a question that isn't even on your radar yet. So here are a few tips below to help keep you sane during the wedding planning process.

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ENJOY THE MOMENT- As a newly engaged couple, this is a moment that only happens once, so savour it. Enjoy the time with your shiney new fiance and your closest family and friends. Social media is a great way to share your exciting news, but before you know it, there could be an avalanche of questions about the when, what's and who's come your way, give yourself time toprepare for it. If you are getting married in 2020 or 2021, you still have time to plan, so take your time. Your parents, grandparents, siblings etc will be thrilled at your news, so share it with them first....then go get a mancure and share your ring selfie with those beautified pinkies!

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CELEBRATE - If you have just said yes, then it's easy to get swept away with planning and focusing on 'the big day', but getting engaged is a milestone in itself, so round up your family and friends and celebrate! or, if party's aren't your thing, plan something special for just the two of you, book that restaurant you've been meaning to visit, or have a special date night. You will have alot of planning ahead that can be quite stressful at times, enjoy this time being carefree and being an engaged couple.

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COMMUNICATE - It sounds obvious, but chances are neither of you have done this before, so you need to talk about what's important to both of you. You may have different expectations for your wedding day, so now is a really good time to discuss what you want and what is a priority to you both. What type of wedding do you both want? church or registry office? Traditional or unconventional? Big wedding or initmate affair? How soon do you want to tie the knot? Deciding on these factors can give youa framework to build on and help you decide on a budget for the big day.

It is best that you lay down your priorities first, such as buying a house or getting a car or saving enough funds for long-term investments, in case you haven’t picked a date to get married yet. Or if in case you intend to get married a few years after the engagement, then talk about this as well.

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PICK A DATE - Picking a date that is workable for you is so important. This can be trickier than you think, taking time of work , families to work around, school holidays, seasonal preffences etc picking a date well in advance may be th eonly option. Wedding venues can get booked up for key dates a couple of years in advance, so if you are planning to get married within the next 12 months and have your heart set on a venue, there is no time like the present.

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WHAT SIZE WEDDING? - If you come from a large family, the plus ones and/or children, you can end up with quite big numbers before you even think about friends and colleagues. Whether you're going big or keeping it small, being on the same page about this one is so important.The size of the wedding party largely determines the size of the venue you might need and ultimately the budget for your wedding day. If your family are contributing to the wedding, then they may expect that some of their friends or prefferred family menbers are asked to attend so that is something to think about.

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BUDGET - There is no point in putting yourself under stress and financial strain to try and afford a wedding day if you can't. Once you have established whats important to you both, you can decide on a budget. If the things you most want come with a high price tag, then it may be better to set a date a couple of years in advance to give yourselves time to save and budget for them. There's nothing wrong with wanting something special, but there is no need to rack up debts to get it. Some of you may be fortunate enought o hasve family members that would like to contribute, which can be a great help. There will be plenty of things that your newly married life will require of you financially, new home or family planning, so be reallistic with the budget for the day.

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