Dale Rook Films

Films made with love.

A memory that will never fade.

Believer in the art of stopping time.

I believe in the magic of stopping time and how incredibly special it is to be able to creatively hold moments still. I am a filmmaker from the south east of England in the small town of Rye East Sussex. I have always loved film, and the ability it gives us to combine movement with image and music to create something that can either excite us or pull on our heart strings.

The beautiful thing is, as we age the film will not. Everything inside of a film will remain exactly the same. Each emotion, and every loved one will always be there; whenever you decide to press play.

Films I have made for myself over the years have provided me so much pleasure and being able to give people the chance to experience the same level of joy is a huge reason that I do what I do.

I adore the emotional roller-coaster that weddings can encapsulate, and how emotion with so much richness can be pieced together with the love I have for the arts.

Each wedding I film is prime opportunity to improve what I do, to make sure as a client I can give you even more than the film you dreamt of having. I have filmed a really diverse range of weddings, each one of them so unique. This is what adds to the beauty of each wedding film, that naturally there is a new story with each Bride and Groom that I work with.

I am a discreet shooter. My job is to put you at ease.

I understand that on the whole, people don’t like to be filmed. I have developed a real skill for hiding in all sorts of places with my minimal set up, that’s literally just me and my small camera.

I love to blend in with your day and your guests, going as unnoticed as possible, capturing authentic and natural moments. I slot myself into the right place at the right time to capture all the details that will make your film a document of every aspect of your beautiful day.

Coming from such a small place, such an exciting part of my job is where I can travel, and I am forever up for travelling anywhere. Whether your wedding is remote, in a city, a castle, a hand-done, raw set up, the films are a perfect balance of celebration, rich atmosphere, nostalgia and emotion. A cinematic approach, with injections of raw footage.

I’m a nostalgic enthusiast who is happiest when creating, I indefinitely care as much about the film of your day as you do.

It is truly special to be able to hold time still. X


Insta: @dalerookfilms https://www.instagram.com/dalerookfilms/

Facebook: Dalerookfilms https://www.facebook.com/DaleRookFilms/

Email: rookfilms@live.com

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