Bohemian Style Weddings 2020

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Bohemian weddings are the perfect way for couples who want something non- traditional, romantic and laid-back, to celebrate their big day. Here are some of our top tips to incorporate elements with a boho vibe into your big day.

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THE DRESS - As far a the bride goes, her dress is ALWAYS going to be a huge factor in her style. Bohemian bridalwear has been a mainstay in trends for while now and for 2020 is taking on new forms of style and a slightly more polished look.

Opt for the unconventional in the form of something free flowing, with layers , tassles,

delicate laces, gossamer meshes, and floral motifs for an overall organic feel that is effortless and inspired for your upcoming woodland, beach, or countryside celebration.

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THE FLOWERS - It's all about the blooms when it comes to boho weddings. Whether it's flower crowns or accessories for your ceremony area, adding big bold arrangements and floliage will add a touch of glamour to your outdoor setting. Also, as many boho couple celebrate with an outdoor cermony, it ties in the hired in elements and the natural setting. Milk churns and large vases of flowers are a great way to decorate entrances and seperate areas of the ceremony.

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OUTDOOR CEREMONY AREA - So doing 'the legal' bit of the marriage currently has restricitions in the uk, so you are more limited on where exactly you can sign on the dotted line as it were. But there's nothing stopping you from having a wedding ceremony outdoors to celebrate with your friends and family. Rugs make a fantastic aisle and arches can take many forms, from rustic wood to polished copper tubes. Adding big statement florals will tie in the boho look nicely.

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BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN - Using prop hire companies for furniture and tables can be a great way to combine the elements of your wedding. Rugs, sofa's and side tables can make for elegant lounge areas almost anywhere. This again is a nod to the current trends of having a boho vibe that is a bit more glampourous and slightly more polished.

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CELEBRANT - There has been much talk surrounding outdoor ceremony's and the legality surrounding them. At the moment, you can get married outdoors in England as long as it takes place under a fixed structure. What's more, this structure needs to be licensed. This means that you can take your vows under garden gazebos, pavilions and arbours. However, if your boho venue doesn't have a structure for this, you could opt to do the legal part in a church or registry office, then have a celebrant on the day of your celebrations. A wedding celebrant is someone who resides over a wedding ceremony but is not legally invested to marry a couple. ... Celebrants are for couples who feel they want something more personal, unique or meaningful than a religious or civil wedding or partnership.

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